Access matchless career opportunities

Pacific Cambria University assists student body by designing a complete career development plan which not only provides them with the opportunity to focus on their jobs, but also provides them with a fruitful career path.

We ensure that our students work towards their career goals with our guidance, complementing their strategies, to achieve their career aspirations.

Career Management Center

Pacific Cambria University's career management center follows a distinctive approach for assistance of students in improving their career prospects.

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Your Career Path

PCU helps you to define your career path and guides you in the right direction to move along for successful achievement of a prosperous career.

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Career Education

Achieve your goals with Career-Relevant Programs carefully developed by practicing professionals. Our online career courses are affordable and flexible.

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Professional Coaching

Pacific Cambria University understands the need of professional coaching. Professionals need coaching to help attain their career goals in today's competitive professional environment. Therefore, PCU regularly organizes online seminars for students with real-world application, so they can learn best current practices in their areas of study.

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Lifetime Career Resources

Access powerful resources throughout your career

To serve the needs of our alumni and working professional students, PCU offers 24/7 counseling services and is accessible via phone, Internet and video technology.