Pacific Cambria University works in the best interest of its students and graduates. To that end, we offer distinct services to facilitate students in the earning of their college degrees online, without any stress. Through our top-notch services, we share the burden of earning an education with our students, so that they have ample time to focus on their studies. Whether the students are enrolled at PCU or fresh out of high school or are professionals, we recognize that everyone has their own distinct needs, and we aim to help fulfill them.

Pacific Cambria University has designed its services for students that best fit their needs. Our services provide our students with a complete peace of mind, and make their journey much easier. Discussed below are the services we offer to our students:

Scholarship Program

Pacific Cambria University eliminates financial barriers by offering a variety of scholarship programs. We offer both merit-based and non-merit based scholarships to students ensure individuals that desire an accredited college degree can do so without any hassle.

Student & Alumni Center

Pacific Cambria University has established a student and alumni center, where members are encouraged to connect with each other, faculty members, staff of PCU, and others in the community. It is an online portal where members can organize and manage their course materials, manage their scholarships, and more. Students and alumni can talk with their instructors, the administrative staff, student counselors, and much more.

Free Consultancy

Pacific Cambria University provides 24/7 free online consultations to its students. We understand that our online students have a tough routine, and therefore, this consultation system has been designed, and is accessible 24/7.