Scholarship Grants Available for Students Who Qualify

Pacific Cambria University is committed to help its students across the globe, and we not only say this, we abide by this too. PCU offers scholarship grants worth millions of dollars each year to its students. Through the scholarship program at PCU, students can now save a considerable amount of their total program fee.

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Explore below to find out the scholarship program that is right for you:

2015-2016 PCU Scholarship Program:

The 2015-2016 PCU Scholarship Program applies to all the students who will enroll in any degree program at the university till Dec, 2016.


  • Undergraduate/graduate CGPA 2.8 or above
  • Any proficiency test passed earlier for e.g. GRE, GMAT, IELTS etc
  • More than 1 year of professional working experience

Grant amount:

Grants that the students will receive in the 2015-2016 PCU Scholarship Program will accumulate up to a pre-determined percentage of their total program fee.

Military Appreciation Fund:

As part of extending our admiration to the military service professionals, PCU offers a Military Appreciation Fund to help reduce the cost of advance education for hardworking and talented students who have served in the armed forces.


  • Active or inactive duty members of armed forces from any country around the world

Offered to:

Military service members from all countries around the globe.

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