Pacific Cambria University is providing highest standard of education online through its globally accepted degree and certificate programs. We have earned an edge over others by offering matchless student support and comparatively low tuition fee. PCU never bounds its students to attend classes at a pre-set schedule or demand students to fulfill huge number academic requirements. We provide them the flexibility to study at their own time and pace and complete their degree when they want to.
Pacific Cambria University came into being with the aim to eliminate all sorts of financial and geographical barriers and earn a degree of their choice.

Find Your Passion

Pacific Cambria University offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree programs as well as certificate courses in the most profitable fields of study, through its professional schools. Student can opt to enroll online in a program of their choice, based on their preference, academic and job requirements. Our offered programs are designed essentially to assist students in developing themselves for a better career option. Faculty members play a vital role in developing students professionally to meet the challenges of the current economy and their respective job market.

undergraduate Bachelor's Program

Earning a bachelor's degree is highly essential for those who have completed their high school education or associate degree program and are willing to move ahead in their current job or change their career option.

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graduate Master's Programs

Master's degree programs are designed for individuals seeking to pursue advance education or enhance their existing skills. These programs serve as a bridge to avail job opportunities at higher positions.

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postgraduate Doctorate Degree

Pacific Cambria University offers online doctoral degree programs in diverse fields. Distinguish yourself as a leader in your chosen domain, or design the processes that will bring a significant change in your industry.

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graduate Certificate Courses

The certificate program is designed for, and available to, college educated professionals who manage teams, departments, divisions and for senior project managers and project directors who seek formal recognition.

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