Partner with one of the biggest names of global education providers, in terms of the program options and courses offered. PCU offers high quality education programs at a very low cost to working adults all around the world because of its global partnerships with 85 certified partner educational institutions. Its partners include regionally accredited universities and other educational institutions, educational consultants and leading corporate organizations. Choose the program that suits you the most from the options below to be a part of PCU’s Partnership Program.

Being a Partner at Pacific Cambria University entitles partners and their employees/associates to exceptionally high tuition fee waiver. It enables one to attain the education they require for academic excellence and professional success.

The Partnership Programs at PCU offers numerous opportunities to:

  • Educational Agents & Consultants
  • Educational Institutions & Universities
  • Employers/Organizations
  • Large Groups (Military, Bar, Union etc)

Educational Agents & Consultants

Academic consultants, agents or counselors who are professionally pursuing their career in their respective field or if they are aspiring to become one than they can become a part of Pacific Cambria University's Certified Education Partner's program. Becoming PCU's partner will provide you with the opportunity of benefiting from the rapidly growing online education industry.

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Employers and Organizations from any part of the world regardless of their nature and size of the business can become a partner with Pacific Cambria University. By becoming a certified partner you can create custom training programs by using PCU's global online academic platform. The partnership program will help you increase the retention rate as well as the educational standards and job satisfaction at the very same time.

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Educational Instituitions & Universities

If you represent an academic institution which is either campus based or online in any part of the world whether small or big, you can become a partner at Pacific Cambria University. The partnership program will assist your academic institution's educational standards and will help you in increasing your overall revenues. Ranging from academic curriculum, faculty, student management to documentations, all of them will be supervised and managed by Pacific Cambria University.

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Large Groups

If you are part of a large group such as a bar association, union, military or any other large group belonging from any region of the world consisting of at least 25 members, then you can become a partner at Pacific Cambria University. By becoming a partner you will be eligible to earn huge discounts for all the members of the group. This strategic partnership will help you enhance the educational standards of the group and also increase their morale.

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