Military Academics

Term Enrollment Learning

Pacific Cambria is a world-class university that is recognized for academic excellence. We have got some incredible students, inspiring faculty members on board with us who add exceptional value to our commitment and mission. So be sure that when your with PCU your with the best online educational institution. Our term enrollment has a specified registration period it has a set start and end date. All our courses begin on the first working Monday each of month for 12 start dates in a year.

The time duration of each course is 8 weeks, and all the students must complete all lesson assignments and exams within this time period. Your participation in weekly, instructor-led threaded discussions is mandatory under this model; this is for your own good and for the development of your skills!

Registration and Enrollment

  • Registration extends from the 1st-14th of the month before course start date.
  • Classes begin the first Monday of each month with 12 starts per year.
  • Each enrollment has a fixed start and end date.
  • End date is at the completion of 8 weeks from the start date.

Policies for Course Add/Drop

There is no restriction to complete a course once you’ve registered with us, if you feel you can’t fulfill the requirements of a registered course in one semester you can enroll in the very same course in the next semester subject to some refunds. You have the leverage of dropping a course and enroll in an alternative course by submitting an Add/Drop request to the office of the Registrar at any time during the open registration period for the course being dropped. The approvals of all add/drop requests are at the discretion of the Registrar. The Drop/Withdrawal date will be the date the form was received by the Registrar's office.

If you have added a course, a new Enrollment Agreement will be processed for the added course and the student will be responsible for providing PCU with the new tuition assistance documents.

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You’re not a typical freshman you’re a military man and PCU is the right institution for you. If you have any queries about any of our online college military academics programs, just give us a call at 1-844-361-7103

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Pacific Cambria University helps veteran and military students make higher education a reality through year-round scheduling, distance learning, and degree programs that provide a solid foundation for career success.

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